What to do in Sweden

Every country has its outstanding lodestones. Goway has named its top 11 effects in Sweden( not in any particular order) for you to enjoy on your visit to this destination. Old Town, Stockholm The Old Town( in Swedish, Gamla Stan is one of the largest and most stylish saved medieval megacity centers in Europe. Utmost… Continue reading What to do in Sweden

Gothenburg travel guide

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and considered by many Swedes to be the nicest city in the country. Located on the river Gota Alv on the West coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is the kind of city that embraces all of the needs of its visitors whilst still putting its resident’s needs to… Continue reading Gothenburg travel guide

Lake Vanern

Lake Vanern is the largest lake in Sweden and the 3rd largest in all of Europe stretching a total size of 5,655 kilometres square. Located in the southern regions of Sweden, Lake Vanern dates back to 6500 BC and boasts over 20,000 small islands, islets and rocks making it the largest freshwater archipelago in the… Continue reading Lake Vanern

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Food and Drink in Sweden

Food in Sweden is similar in many ways to the cuisine of the other Nordic nations with Potatoes playing a big part in the national diet. Having said this though there are many particular dishes and eating habits that play a large part in the life of the Swedish. Thanks to a vast amount of… Continue reading Food and Drink in Sweden

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A look at the Swedish royal family at Joningholm Palace

Drenningholm Palace is ideally located on Lovö Island, surrounded by Lake Mälaren and less than an hour’s drive from central Stockholm. It is one of the best destinations among all day trips in Stockholm. The palace was built in the 17th century by architect Tessins and is well preserved – the rooms here are surrounded… Continue reading A look at the Swedish royal family at Joningholm Palace