Lake Vanern

Lake Vanern is the largest lake in Sweden and the 3rd largest in all of Europe stretching a total size of 5,655 kilometres square.
Located in the southern regions of Sweden, Lake Vanern dates back to 6500 BC and boasts over 20,000 small islands, islets and rocks making it the largest freshwater archipelago in the world. These scenic spots are some of the major reasons why Sweden is flocked by tourists every year.
In the 1970’s there were many problems with pollution in the lake due to manufacturing standards of local paper factories and other industries. These problems have now been solved and the waters of Lake Vanern are amongst the cleanest to be found in Europe.
The Lake plays host to 35 different species of fish and a number of bird varieties and can only be described as one of the natural beauties of the world. A wonderful spot from which to view the lake is Kinnekulle ridge a short distance from the nearby town of Husaby.

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