Gothenburg travel guide

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and considered by many Swedes to be the nicest city in the country. Located on the river Gota Alv on the West coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is the kind of city that embraces all of the needs of its visitors whilst still putting its resident’s needs to the fore.
Gothenburg plays host to the largest harbour in Scandinavia which was once home to the Swedish East India Company and a source of much wealth to the city. The city of Gothenburg now plays the part of the largest University City in Sweden and this is reflected in the lively atmosphere and abundance of museums.

Gothenburg offers a whole host of attractions for visitors both young and old such as the Liseberg amusement park, the largest in Scandinavia and the newly built Opera house, all reachable by riding on the wonderful city Tram system.
For visitors looking for more tranquillity Gothenburg is the proud owner of what is considered by many to be the finest Botanical gardens in all of Europe.
Why not take a look at the interactive map via the menu on the left to get a closer look at the parts of Gothenburg that interest you.

Malmö is an amazing city, although it is said to be the third largest city in Sweden, it is very close to Köppen’s airport, we stayed at Köppen Central Station and found that it is not as close as Malmö to Köppen’s airport! The reason why I’m so upset is that the cost of hotels in Malmö is much lower than in Köben. So you can really consider staying in Malmö and go to Köppen to play. In the middle, I somehow asked to get off the train from Halmatad station and take a bus to Varherg station, I don’t know what happened, but there was no charge, no one explained why, I can only confirm two things, is it to Gothenburg, is it free? If it’s OK, then get on the train. In the end, it took us about 4 hours to reach Gothenburg. The car is really hungry, see the little brother selling snacks, simply to cry, but still bear in mind the advice of friends of the peak, food on the car is very expensive, well, just bought two similar chocolate wafers to fill the hunger, the taste is okay, this time to eat anything is delicious, woo woo.
After getting off the train, the first thing I did was eat, Burger King, yes, double beef burgers to go on! I find that my first meal in every new city is fast food, haha, probably too hungry to try it. The people of Gothenburg are really too warm, out of the station, in search of a tram, there is a Swedish aunt, a little Chinese it, warmly pointing the way, and finally take us directly to the bus point, super warm! Sweden’s bus or tram is very easy to ride, it is easy to understand. The people of Gothenburg are more lively and selfish than the people of Göteborg, in the tram is also like us, will chat, playful, in Göteborg, no one on the train talk, quiet, once a group of children chattering on board, the adults rushed to hush, ha ha. So we are much more comfortable, want to talk a few words can also be, otherwise into the countryside, it really is to quietly Mimi it!
I felt too tired after the day, so I went to check in at the B&B directly. This is how I spent the day. At night, I took a few photos at my place of residence. Gothenburg is still very beautiful at night, and I could hear the whistle of the ship returning to the port.
The next day I got up early and went to the Volvo Museum. First, I went to 7 11 to buy a three-day city card (city transportation for 3 days at random), but of course I know that in addition to buying at 7 11, you can also buy at this very common local convenience store (the yellow store on the right in the picture below). But the strange thing is that we asked the price at the train station was 180 per person, but we bought it at 7 11 where we live, 190 per person, so it’s better to buy it at the station. On the other hand, only 1 day card or 3 day card is sold, 1 day card is 90, so it is better to have 3 day card for more than 2 days. The first day we did not buy a card, about 5 stops, per capita 31. as above prices are Swedish krona count Oh. The above prices are Swedish krona. I also found that three, not bite the tongue hair th, many local people really do not understand hey.
Gothenburg Most of the attractions / museums are open at 10:00, including the Volvo Museum. Due to the time difference, we woke up almost at 5:00 every day (6 hours time difference, Beijing is 6 hours faster). We left home around 8am and arrived at the Volvo Museum around 9:30am, so we walked around the Volvo factory for a while waiting for the doors to open. The Volvo factory is next to the sea, so it’s not boring. #The Volvo Museum is a great place to visit. There are small kiosks.

The Volvo Museum is still worth a visit. We spent the morning inside and saw a lot of Swedish grandpas coming to look at the models and explain them!
After the Volvo Museum, we took a break and confirmed our plans for the afternoon. We went back to the city for lunch and then started our afternoon trip. The consumption of food in Sweden is lower than that of Köppen, about 130 per capita, but drinks are very expensive.

Afternoon itinerary.

Mastaget Church
Oskar Frey Church
Gothenburg Marine Center
Gothenburg Forest Park
Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Personally, I suggest that these churches do not need to go specifically, if you walk around Gothenburg for two days, you will find that the main attractions are very close, plus Gothenburg’s public transport and very convenient, so often found, and see that church, and see that attraction, ha ha, we went into one of the churches, rubbed water, and then came out, the other is mostly no one, the second floor generally can not go up, we went in The church in Gothenburg is really not too amazing, not to see the particularly grand and spectacular, feel is more to small and exquisite mainly?

When we arrived at the Gothenburg Marine Center, the sun was shining, and we were tired of walking, so we got some sunshine, haha. The coast is moored with some very large ships, warships, about 20, 30 it, there are large and small, and look very old, there are also new running ships brand new ships, along with the sound of the whistle, is really very true to feel the charm of the industrial city of Gothenburg.
The botanical gardens in Gothenburg are worth a visit, but perhaps it’s the season, it’s spring, so a lot of greenery, flowers are not budding or blooming, a little bit of regret, but the botanical gardens are very well taken care of, go for a walk and sit is also very pleasant, I was sitting in the botanical gardens to tell my companion about the whole book of thornbirds, full of green, as well as a little bit of Feel the moist air, very suitable for sitting chatting and reading or love ah, ha ha ha

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